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Update by user Oct 07, 2015

Today the center director called them and they said it was the photographer's fault because he didn't submit the digital images. Umm....HELLO!

You printed the pictures, so clearly he sent you the images, otherwise how did you print a picture of my child? You charged me 147.14 so clearly you knew it was the biggest package and it COMES WITH "INSTANT" DIGITAL IMAGES! What a crock! They blame a new system for months on end and continue selling things they are not delivering.

That is horrible business practice!

Plus now you blame some nice photographer who doesn't even get a chance to defend himself! Poor Photographer will keep going on being used as the face of your company without knowing you are never delivering things he accepts payments for, and that you then blame him when customers complain.

Original review posted by user Oct 07, 2015

Here is the timeline of my experience with Teddy Bear Smiles.

On Sept 18th when I dropped my daughter off at school her class was already in with the photographer so I got to watch her have her picture taken. The photographer was amazing. I came home and wanted to send an email or post to their facebook page saying how great he was. Well I couldn't find a facebook page (now I know why they don't have one), but my search did pull up several posts where others were saying it took several weeks and often more than a month to get the pictures back. Well, all my mother-in-law wanted for her birthday was studio photographs of the kids. When I went back that evening to pick her up all there poses were great and I noticed that there was an option to purchase "instant" digital images and the copyright release so I could print my own. I purchased the $147 package that included all three poses and the "instant" digital images. The only reason I bought the digital images was so that if the pics were not back in time I could print the pictures for my mother-in-law's birthday. We were all told the pictures would be in within a week, but since I had read the reviews I knew not to believe him.

Two days after I still had not received my "instant" images so I called customer service. I pressed 2 as a parent and it rang several times and went to hold music and a prompt telling me high call volume/answered in order received/press star to leave a voice mail. After 30 min I pressed star and left a message. Hours later still no response so I called again, same thing happened, I left another message and hung up. I called back and pressed 1 saying I was a daycare center, a lady answered right away, imagine that. I explained I had not gotten my "instant" digital images, she told me they would be sent as soon as my payment was processed. Well, because I have text alerts on my phone, I knew the payment was processed the day before. I told her this and she said to give the system 48 hours, I informed her that 5 days after pictures and 48 hours after they had my money was in no way "INSTANT". She assured me I would get them and since my MIL's birthday was still over a week away I waited.

To make this saga somewhat shorter let me just say I called 9 more times (leaving messages each time) over the next 4 days and emailed both websites (yes there are 2 and each 11 times. I still got no response. I called pressing the daycare center prompt a few times just to talk to a live person and was told they had no access to those accounts and would send me to the same "general customer service mailbox". My MIL's birthday was just a few days away so I desperately took my daughter and paid even more money for crappy JC Penny pics. I paid $148.14 for pictures and digital images, yet I still had to go pay 68.00 to JC Penny to have pictures in time. That is ridiculous.

I stopped calling, but continued to email everyday. I sort of expected a disc or some instructions on how to get the digital images and release to be in the package of pictures when it was delivered. Nope, got her pictures yesterday and there is no disc or mention of the digital images at all. At this point I have the huge package of pictures and I don't need the digital images, but I am so frustrated at the thought of having to fight them for a refund. This is no way to treat people.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. AlliO is quite happy with photographer and prints and stated that there is a room for improvement of never recieving instant digital images and none of my messages or emails were answered. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of teddy bear portraits digital prints and associated monetary loss in the amount of $100. Teddy Bear Portraits needs to "refund the cost of the "instant" digital images i never received and no longer need because i had to go to the expense of having other pictures taken before my mil's birthday" according to poster's claims.

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I too had a horrible experience with this company. I just got the password today & it didn't even work!

What a fraud!!!! I am so furious!

to n.ritchie Arnold, Maryland, United States #1246279

Why don't you call your local news station and your States officials. They will expose this company for false offers and fraud!!!!

to FMS Katy, Texas, United States #1247550

I think they have better things to do.

to FMS #1248957

I just dealt with it yesterday as well and calling the BBB if I do not hear back from them today.

Spring Hill, Florida, United States #1052370



Oh, they used to have a facebook page - it was They disabled it YESTERDAY because of the influx of angry parent posts.

We're in the same boat as everyone that has posted in the past month.

Paid for the most expensive package, which was supposed to include "instant" digital images, never received an email invoice, and never received the instant digital images. The code printed on the portrait envelope doesn't work and calling customer service gets you nowhere.



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