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Update by user Oct 19, 2015

They finally sent an email with instructions on how to finally download my digital download, with an expiration of 1 week. I guess it's better than nothing?

Not once did the company actually call me back, or send a personalized email to apologize for this inconvenient delay. I will mark this as resolved, but I will never purchase portraits from their company again.

Original review posted by user Oct 07, 2015

Teddy Bear Portraits set up a photo session at my son's preschool. This was on September 15th. When we arrived to pick up my son (after his picture was taken), they allowed us to select and purchase the portrait package, Naturally, we selected the largest one available, which included "instant" digital images. We were told we would be sent an invoice within a few days. Our account was debited $140 two days later, yet we received no invoice. October 5, 2015 was the date the portrait packages were delivered to preschool. The pictures came out great! But I have no "instant" digital images. Nor do I have the ability to purchase additional pictures because the password/access code imprinted on the portrait envelope is nonfunctional. I spoke to the assistant director at preschool and she said that I wasn't the only parent going through this - that there were other parents that purchased ONLY the digital images - and hadn't received them either.

When I got home, I called customer service, to be stuck in a never-ending "we are experiencing high call volume, please hold the line, your call is important to us..." I finally gave up after 30 minutes. I went to their Facebook page ( and left a short post - and saw that there were MANY angry posts from other parents experiencing the same exact issues. That was 2 days ago. Now, as of today, their Facebook page has been taken down. I've tried calling customer service again, but I still get stuck on hold. The Director at preschool did let me know that she was able to get in touch with the company but did not yet have a resolution. The excuse being used (which I assume they are using for everyone) is "the week our children were photographed, was their first week using their new system."

I hope this gets resolved. Would love to have access to the digital images so I can send to family and friends.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to have the product delivered as the author lost $140. christine.frieberg is overall dissatisfied with Teddy Bear Portraits. The most disappointing about teddy bear portraits package at Teddy Bear Portraits was false advertising, horrible customer service and never recieving instant digital images , but reviewer liked prints. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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before you every do business with this company please read this!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 2 boys ages two and One.

the photographer convinced me on the digital package and LIED to us and told us that we would receive 30 pictures and a digital download for a const of $120. we cold have purchased $30 package and received 30 printed pictures but instead we NEVER received the photos and their customer service kept giving us the runaround and told us that someone will be contacting us within 48 hours. NO one ever did until we had to hire a lawyer and then they called us. they promised us a refund but never received it.

every time we called them about the refund they they told us lie after lie and never received our refund. we only received 2 pictures which were very low quality and you could not print them or enlarge them on your computer.

from our kids school there are about 4 families pursuing legal action to get a refund. I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone NOT to ever do business with this company or never buy the school or any other pictures from this company which will lie to you and never provide what they say


I am having the same issue, I purchased the digital photos thinking they would come on a CD. When I pull up the code online the portraits have writing all over them so I can't print them. How is this company still operating this terrible!


my daughters school photos were taken with teddy bear portraits march of 2016. the access code to view the photos online is not working. I am leary of this.


The customer service is not good at all. I got no help from two customer service people I spoke to when I inform them I was having problems trying to access my son's digital pictures.

I did as told to go to the website and put in online code and enter email address but I did not receive the email attachment to download the pictures.

I tried several times and still no email attachment to download the pictures. I been trying to get in contact with someone but every time I call I get the message they are receiving a high call volume, and I even left two messages days ago and no one has called me back.


We had the same problem with being given the wrong access code/password. The pictures turned out great but really having issues ordering them.

Really hope that the school considers working with a more customer-friendly company next time.

Very disappointing. And sort of creepy that they come out to take pictures and then basically don't make them available to parents.


My school set up two seperate dates to have portraits done of students and Teddy Bear Portraits did not show up to do either one. Terrible customer service, terrible professionalism and really just a terrible company!


Does anyone know what the instructions for download actually are?! I'm getting ready to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in hopes to get ANY kind of response.

I've also notified the school director, but I know that won't help. Would appreciate any help from a fellow parent who just wants school pics of her babies.


Can you tell us what the instructions were to download minus your code obviously? The links they send me say no content every time I go.

to AlliO #1051724

Sure! Copied and pasted (I removed the provided password):

1 - Visit:

2 - Select your gallery and enter the password: *********

3 - Click on an image for digital download.

4 - Hover over the top left corner of the image for the "Menu" button to appear.

Select "Download" from the drop-down menu. 5 - Select "All available originals" (be sure to allow pop-ups in your browser). 6 -The images will be saved automatically to your Downloads folder. 7- To View your pictures: Go to the Windows Start Button and then Click on My Computer or My PC.

Navigate to your Downloads folder.

Inside the Downloads Folder will be a zip file of your images. Right-click to Extract All.

to christine.frieberg #1058585

Thank you soooooo much!!!!!! This worked!!

Sherwood, Oregon, United States #1050804

I am having the exact same issue! Purchased the digital package and have not been able to download them.

It's been over 1 hr on the customer service line and stuck in the "high call volume" loop. SO Frustrated!


The email address for customer service is

My question is why do they need to use so many names (Teddy Bear Smiles, Teddy Smiles, Legacy, Nationwide Studios) and several websites to do business? Obviously they know they need to hide something.


Me too. I am beyond frustrated.

Their excuse now is that the photographer didn't submit the digital did you print pictures of my child without them?

Strange they didn't have any problem getting all the information they needed to bill me. I too bought the biggest package.

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