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So my daycare tried this company this year and its awful. No prices were shared with parents prior to picture day, when we received the info to order it was EXPENSIVE. 3 pictures for $56. WHAT? So I called the daycare who got in contact with the rep they went through and apologized because those are their 'fall prices'. They corrected the order but still ridiculously expensive. I can go to a professional photographer and have both my kids... Read more

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This company is the worst to deal with. They sent me the wrong picture that their rep "helped" me purchase and basicallu said oh well. I would never do buisness with this bootleg company.

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I actually loved most of the photos that were taken. The problem came when I placed my order. Once I had chosen certain photos, the photographer said she could give me a really good deal, that would include the photos I had chosen , plus the digital images. Long story short I never received my portraits, only the digital images. They first said they would fix the issue. Then they went back and said they had no intention to give me my photos.... Read more

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I Selected to buy a cd and copy right at my daughter daycare . But received email to download the pictures i told them i had paid for a cd they sent an email stating they only do downloads. Had i known and it been specified it was not a cd i wldnt have bought it at all because i dont have a computer or printer and i do everything through my phone so the whole email ordeal is pointless. Very discussted in my experience no pictures an no money. Read more

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I had pictures taking for my two daughters at daycare in Oct 2014. I unfortunately didn't have the money to pay for the pictures when they came in. I left it alone for a while as I simply just couldn't afford the expensive prices. I called about a year later because I really wanted the pictures and I was on hold so long I ended up emailing to get some assistance. I emailed the lady back and forth a few times as she had questions for me. I never... Read more

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I will like to see the pictures my child took at the thankful learning Center in Philadelphia pa Read more

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Never go to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very horrible service, they don't care once they get the money,that's all they care for. I never got the picture that they did in Sept 2015, I followed it till December , then gave up( I'm working full time, and in school too).I would be hours on the customer service line, holding. Even after leaving the call back message,I never received a call. I paid the day of pictures and was told that i'll receive a link... Read more

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This is unacceptable. I still haven't received my order, and it's been a month since the pictures were taken. And I've paid much more than parents who ordered the day of picture a shipping charge! How many folks have you done this to? A rep told me the pics would take up to two weeks more to arrive, and it would take her two days to call back with a tracking number. The daycare director has no clue how unsatisfied consumers are,... Read more

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The package of pictures came in and the wallets were in a sheet-UNCUT. I called to request they send me new wallets that are cut since I had even added a message in the request box about making sure all pictures were cut. After waiting almost 20 minutes on hold I spoke to a lady who informed me that their company does not cut the pictures that come in sheets which is what the wallets come in. My complaint is that this is a photo company, it... Read more

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Teddy Bear Portraits is just the worst. At my son's daycare, the man my husband spoke to told him that we could easily order my son's pictures online later, as I couldn't get there in time to make any purchases. However, he neglected to tell him that the price would be much more expensive. Only packages, which we aren't interested in, are available online. When I called to purchase the one pose I actually wanted--my son's preschool graduation... Read more

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